Helen Irlen's latest book about concussions and Irlen Syndrome is now available in hard copy! Get yours today!

Sport ConcussionsFinally, someone who recognizes you can't just "shake it off" and continue in life, in school, or at work as if nothing's happened! In this revolutionary new eBook by Helen Irlen, there isn't just an acknowledgement of the lasting effects that concussion can have on behavior and academic performance, but also a solution to directly address and correct lingering physical symptoms of headaches and light sensitivity, as well as reading difficulties and other academic challenges. Full of new information and practical solutions, "Sports Concussions and Getting Back in the Game of Life" is a must-read for educators, coaches, and any individual who has suffered a concussion or head injury.

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Toolkits for Parents and Educators

The parent and educator toolkits are available for you to download print or share. They offer information on how to best support children with Irlen Syndrome.

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Hard copies are available by contacting Val Rizok.

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