The Irlen Method is the only research-based colour method backed by over 4,000 US school districts and well-known in most countries of the world.

Used by educators since 1983, this patented method and colour-based technology was discovered by Helen Irlen, MA, LMFT, a leading expert in perceptually-based reading and learning difficulties.

The Irlen Method is a non-invasive, patented technology that uses Irlen Coloured Overlays and Irlen Spectral Filters worn as glasses or contact lenses to remove light waves specific to each individual, which interfere with the brain's processing of visual information. It is the only method scientifically proven to successfully correct the processing differences associated with Irlen Syndrome.

This technology can improve reading fluency, comfort, comprehension, attention, and concentration while reducing light sensitivity. This is not a method of reading instruction. It is a colour-based technology that filters out offensive light waves, so the brain can accurately process visual information.

People with this sensitivity to light often experience heightened senses of smell, hearing, touch and taste.  This results in a feeling of being overwhelmed, and causes a stressful situation, often unknown to the individual.

We help children and adults suffering from:

This method has received international acclaim and is included in professional journals and textbooks. It has also been featured in national and international media, including National Geographic, 60 Minutes, Good Morning America, ABC World News, NBC News, the BBC and TV shows in Ireland, Hong Kong, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Korea, and Australia.

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